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Professional Development & Training


It’s contagious when people around you love what they do. Goodwin Procter’s professional development and training team is committed to helping you find your passion and enthusiasm for your work. In this department our dedicated group of experts includes directors and managers, all of whom are former practicing attorneys. Our goal is to train, motivate, and develop outstanding lawyers.

We believe a great legal education comes from formal training as well as opportunities to apply what you’ve learned to what you do in the office every day. You’ll find countless ways to grow professionally and become a very successful, well-rounded attorney. With every learning experience you will be more valuable to your clients and your colleagues. We’ll not only help you build your expertise, we will work with you to expand your professional networks.

You will find the usual list of courses, and some unusual offerings, designed to expose you to new perspectives and to challenge the way you think. But professional development at Goodwin Procter isn’t limited to coursework. We’ve created an interactive staffing process so you can request specific projects that interest you. And Goodwin Procter’s mentoring program helps you cultivate working relationships with senior partners in the firm.

During your tenure at the firm, and wherever your career takes you, your Goodwin Procter experiences, training and relationships will serve you well. For more information, please contact Scott Westfahl, Director of Professional Development, or Karen Febeo, Director of Training. We look forward to working with you.